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Our Ground Crew can bring your sneakers BACK to life with our Sneaker Restoration Service



¬†We’ve all been there. You scuff up a pair of your favorite shoes and you think “I sure wish I could restore my sneakers“. Well guess what? You CAN restore your sneakers because we now offer a full fledged Sneaker Restoration service! Now you’re asking “how do I begin?” It’s simple of course! Fill out the order form below and attach a few pictures of your shoes. We will contact you with restoration options and you send us your sneakers. That’s it! Need your suede re-dyed? No problem. Has your Jordan icy sole turned yellow? We will restore your soles back to icy condition and then repaint your Jordans. Scuff making your shoes look beat up? We’ll match the original paint color and repaint them. What about those sneaker creases? Consider them gone!


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