5 Sneakers You Must Have In Your Collection

Today, many people judge a sneaker collection based on hype, the number of sneakers, or a combination of the two. People seem to have forgotten that every well-rounded sneaker collection should have staple pairs for everyday wear. That is unless you plan on wearing your Travis Scott Jordan 1s on a rainy day. It's also important to have pairs that are sure to go with nearly every outfit and are timelessly stylish. Below is our list, in no particular order, of sneakers that every sneakerhead should own. Here's the catch, this list isn't going to include obvious choices like the Air Force 1 and Stan Smiths.

Asics Gel-Lyte III

Like other must-haves such as the Air Force 1, the Gel-Lyte III has stood the test of time. Originally designed as a running shoe, the Gel-Lyte III is one of the most comfortable sneakers you'll own. There are many colorways and collaborations of this sneaker, so you're bound to find a pair you like.
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Nike Cortez

As one of Nike's first shoes, the Cortez has a special place in sneaker history. The simple silhouette of the Cortez makes them super versatile. Not to mention, they are extremely comfortable and come in a variety of colorways. Fun fact, the Cortez was originally going to be named the "Aztec", however, Adidas beat them to the trademark. When Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight needed to come up with a new name for the shoe, they decided to name them after Hernan Cortez, the man who conquered the Aztecs.
Photo By: Fars Woldai

Adidas Forum 84 Low

This shoe was first introduced in 1984 and is a classic basketball sneaker. It has been re-released many times over the years and is still popular today. Recently, Adidas has put a lot of attention into the Forum 84 Low as they've been releasing new colorways of the shoe left and right. The Forum 84 Low also serves as the base model for Adidas's recent collaborations with Bad Bunny. The Forum 84 Low looks great with jeans or shorts, making it a very versatile shoe.
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Nike Air Max 1

The Air Max 1 is probably the most notable sneaker on this list. In the conversation of "must-have sneakers" we've found that while people toss around the Air Force 1 and the Jordan 1, they seem to forget about Nike's most impactful sneaker. The Air Max 1 is the beginning of Nike's Air legacy. On top of being so historically significant, the sneaker also goes with any outfit, is wildly comfortable, and comes in a variety of colorways.
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New Balance 993

New Balance is a brand that often gets forgotten in the sneaker world. With its roots firmly planted in performance running, New Balance has been able to create some of the most comfortable sneakers ever made. The 993 is no exception and has seen a resurgence in popularity due to collaborations Kith, Joe Freshgoods, and Aime Leon Dore. The 993 is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a clean New Balance silhouette to their collection.
Photo By: Andy Pang
This list of sneakers should give any sneakerhead the necessary foundation to build an amazing collection. From timeless classics like the Nike Cortez, to modern-day favorites like the New Balance 993, these are 5 sneakers that everyone needs! Go ahead and pick up a pair or two to add some timeless style to your collection.

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