AI-Designed Sneakers: The Future? Or a Fad?

AI has begun to shake up the way we interact with the world. From self-driving cars to customer service chatbots to manufacturing robots, AI has already become a part of our lives. One thing still untouched by AI is sneakers. We've been weighing the pros and cons and think that AI-designed sneakers might be part of our sneakerhead futures. Sneakers have long been the fruit of hundreds of hours of human research, design, and construction. Many of our favorite sneakers are special to us because they were designed by a specific human. Take the Nike x Off-White sneakers. Would those sneakers be as unique to you if they weren’t designed by the late Virgil Abloh, but rather by a computer? With the growth of AI and the emergence of AI-generated sneaker designs, it’s easy to wonder if it will change the way we view sneakers, possibly for the worst. However, we’re not mad at the idea. When you consider all of the benefits of AI-designed sneakers, there is definitely room for it in our space. AI has the potential to revolutionize the way that we design sneakers. By using datasets like customer preferences and data on fashion trends, AI can create unique designs that rival the best of what a human can come up with. This means that big brands could potentially use AI to apply deep learning algorithms and generate limitless possibilities for pattern-making and color combinations. Sure, humans could do this too, but it would take exponentially longer. Who says that AI has to take our place, though? We envision a process in which humans build atop a base design provided by AI, or vice versa. This way, designers can still add their unique flair on top of an already groundbreaking design.

You Take The Stage

Artificial Intelligence can also open the door for more intuitive sneaker customization. Imagine every big sneaker brand having an online customization service in which we can list our interests, mood, etc., and have AI generate a design on an existing palette based on that information. This would beat the pants off of just picking from a random list of colors until your design looks good. It’d be like Nike By You on steroids!

Our AI-Designed Sneakers

I’m sure by now you’ve seen pictures on Instagram or other blogs of AI-designed sneakers like the Nike x Jacquemus concepts. The Proof Team thought this was super cool and decided to try our hands at creating some AI-Designed Proof Culture versions of our favorite shoes. For having absolutely no creative background, we're blown away by how they turned out!

Rich - Nike SB Dunk Low

Omar - Jordan 11

Erron - Nike Air Max 97

John - Nike Air Max 1

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