MSCHF Big Red Boot: Cop Or Shop

MSCHF is at it again. The masterminds behind iconic projects such as the blurred stacks of cash and the Satan shoes containing human blood have released their next shoe. That is if we can call it a shoe. Their latest project is the MSCHF Big Red Boot. The boot, designed to appear cartoonish and surreal, has recently taken over social media. Celebrities and influencers alike have gone viral attempting to style the boot with a variety of different outfits (failing most of the time). While the artist collective refuses to reveal their influence, we can't help but feel the MSCHF Big Red Boot was influenced by Astro Boy's iconic red boots (Either that or Mega Man). With the release of this shoe, the Proof Team asked themselves the age-old question, are these a cop? Or are we continuing to shop?
Photo By: MSCHF

The Proof Team Weighs In

Of course, as sneakerheads, our team has our own opinions about the shoe. Here's what the Proof team has to say about whether the MSCHF Big Red Boot is a cop, or if they'd rather keep shopping.



"These are definitely giving Mega Man vibes and I'm too damn tall to be out here looking like a fake super hero."



"It's creative, fun, but I couldn't say that I would cop. It's too much sauce."



"While I have nostalgia for 80s video games, Mega Man was not my favorite. I understand they may be comfortable, but it's a bit too much for me."


Cop (and he did get a pair)

"Like everything else MSCHF does, this pair is a commentary on fashion and sneaker culture as a whole. This is something completely outlandish to show just how impressionable people can be with what they put on their feet. There's also the nostalgic and surrealistic aspect of the shoe that is unlike anything else I've seen. I love it. I'm going to try to get a pair."

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