Pittsburgh Steelers Custom Kicks - Chuck Taylors

Steelers Custom Kicks

Steeler Nation stand up! I don’t know where to even begin with these Steeler custom kicks. First, I hope you guys remember that we HAND PAINT these designs! Now as I write this I wonder is it that we killed this Steelers custom shoe design EVEN though we’re from Cleveland AND we’re Browns fans or maybe it’s just that EVERYTHING came together perfectly when we planned this design out on the consultation call. Irregardless, these custom chuck Taylor kicks came out sick.

So here’s the story behind these custom kicks. We had a consultation call with a customer and he says “look, I love the Steelers, you guys are dope so just make me some hot sneakers”. Now we’ve done the Steelers concept before and we are our own toughest critic and we just did not want to do “another Steelers sneaker” but something that had not been even remotely done before.

So we ask who his favorite Steelers players are and he says “Troy, Ben..you know what I love em all..the new guys..the old guys, all of them”. So the thought was originally to do like a Mt. Rushmore of Steelers players on some kicks but we kept tossing ideas around until BAMN it hit! “Let’s do a tribute sneaker. One shoe would represent the legends that paved the way and the other would showcase the new leadership that has been passed the torch to carry on the legacy”. Sounds simple right? NO…Steeler Nation is like the Dawg Pound..the fans are die hard and the legacy is pure so we knew we HAD to do these custom kicks right!

We started with some yellow Chuck Taylors as the base of this custom sneaker project. And there are some reasons why we went with Chucks, you will see!

Custom Kicks – BEFORE

Then we started on the legends customized shoe. We found an image of Franco Harris and “Mean Joe” Greene carrying their coach Chuck Noll on their shoulders after winning Super Bowl 9 which was perfect, so we used that image as the “Legends” shoe and labeled the sneaker “Then”.

Fun fact – What city was Chuck Noll born in?…….CLEVELAND OHIO…gotta love the irony. Now check the Legends shoe below.

Steelers Custom Chuck Taylor Kicks AFTER- LEGENDS

Next up would be the Superstars of the Present. These are the guys trusted to carry on the torch of success and championships for Steeler Nation. While there were lots of people that we could have chosen to go on this custom shoe, the two that stood out to us were Troy Polamalu and head coach Mike Tomlin. And we knew that the image we chose to use would have to drive home that point.

This custom shoe is named “and Now” Check it out!

Steelers Custom Chuck Taylor Kicks – SUPERSTARS OF TODAY

Then we just went and showed off. We turned the Converse logo INTO the Steelers Logo and put the infamous Steeler helmet stripe down the middle of the shoes. Now, who does it better than PROOF? I’m waiting……tell you what, just remember where you saw it first because we do have BITERS haha!!!! #PROOF

Check out the rest of the pics of these Custom Kicks!

Pittsburgh Steeler Custom Kicks Chucks

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