Proof Culture's Grand Opening

Proof Culture

Welcome. I am very pleased to announce the Grand Opening of

What/Who is Proof Culture?

Proof Culture is a brand that is dedicated to Sneaker Culture. P.R.O.O.F stands for Positivity Reinforces Our Overall Focus – and this is our mantra. The team has grown from our first project (Pimp My Kicks) to a more mature one in PC.

What products do you sell?

We are putting our best foot forward and leading with our sneaker customizing service. We have branded this service Flight Crew Custom Sneakers. We will soon be offering a full clothing line, so stay tuned!

Flight Crew Customs…What’s that all about?

Flight Crew is what we at Proof Culture call our custom sneaker design team. We have taken the dullness out of the ordering process and designed a fully themed traveling experience that’s exciting and fun. Visit our Flight Crew page for more info.

Why should we order from Proof Culture instead of the other guys?

By ordering from ProofCulture instead of the other guys you will receive:

  • Superior Customer Service
  • An Exciting Themed Experienced That You Will Not Easily Forget
  • Lower Prices
  • A Higher Quality of Product

How do we start our order?

You can begin your Flight Crew Experience by filling out our brief ORDER FORM.

How can we stay connected with Proof Culture?

We frequent these places:

Proof Culture




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