Seattle Seahawks Nike Dunks

Seattle Seahawks Nike Dunks – Custom Kicks

What’s up Rachel! We know you’re catching a lot of Sneaker Envy in Seattle with our latest creation – these Seattle Seahawks Custom Nike Dunks. How appropriate that it was raining when we took these pics! Shout out to Seattle!!

So, have any of us not seen fan-inspired custom kicks before? Feel free to raise your hands, anybody? Yea I’s nothing new. BUT, if you know anything about us, we’re going to bring something to the table that you’ve never EVER seen before. Our design team is built of innovators and well, we’ll let everyone else be copycats. With that out of the way, we held our custom sneaker design call with Rachel and she said she really loves the Seahawks and wanted a sneaker that would turn heads. The next thing you know, we were talking about hand-painting pigskin on the shoes and that led to a discussion of ripping apart a REAL football to place on these custom kicks and yea you should probably check out the pics below because these are insane!

This Nike Dunk served as the base of these Custom Kicks – BEFORE

Seattle Seahawks Nike Dunks - Custom Kicks

Remember that football we were talking about ripping up? Yea so we literally went and bought a Wilson football and ripped it apart for these custom kicks. And these colors don’t come in bottles, we custom made these colors! We don’t just customize shoes here at Proof Culture, we are Sneaker Surgeons!

Seattle Seahawks Custom Kicks – After

After creating exact custom fit pieces of Football Pigskin, we meticulously put the football leather onto the shoes in our own secret way and then added a hand-painted design to these custom kicks. The final touch on these were the laces and finding these were far from easy but hey, we do what we have to do to make our customers happy and these custom kicks simply would not have been complete without the neon green laces! Have you seen custom sneakers before? YES, but I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this! Why you ask? Because nobody and I mean NOBODY does it like Proof Culture.

Custom Kicks

Flight Crew Custom Kicks

If you love these custom kicks then let us know – leave a comment below! Remember, you can go anywhere and buy some custom sneakers but if they aren’t made by Proof Culture‘s Flight Crew, then what’s the point?

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