Spiderman Custom Nike Air Force 1

Custom Nike Air Force 1 – Spiderman

custom nike air force 1

Nike AF1 – Before Customization

Not only are these a pair of custom nike air force 1, but these are custom Spiderman Sneakers. But not just any Spiderman themed custom kicks.

You see, unless you have been living under a rock you’d know that Marvel has decided to kill Peter Parker. Yes, Peter Parker! Well and the thing is, there is a NEW spiderman in town. I’m not going to tell you all of the details but I’ll tell you that he is African American and his name is Miles Morales.

Ok, we’re terrible at keeping secrets, click here to learn all of the details. Just don’t tell anybody we told you, this is all top secret stuff. Well maybe it’s not so secret anymore, it’s all over the net.

So…if you’re anything like me, you grew up reading comics and spent many Saturday mornings digging through aisles at the comic spots. There wasn’t much that compared to the feeling of having walked out of the comic store with a great buy of a hard to find issue. I remember going home feeling on top of the world knowing the contents of the crisp brown paper bag that I held – yea and after we finished reminiscing about those days we realized that we needed to get started on these Spiderman custom sneakers haha.

First, Spiderman is too good of a superhero to mess up so we knew that we had to get these customs right. Challenge #1 for these custom nike air force 1 shoes was to find the PERFECT base shoe (seen above). After all, our customer Adam (shout out to the Bronx) was depending on us to create a sick pair of custom sneakers! So, after a lot of hunting for the perfect sneakers, we knew that the Nike Air Force One’s that we found would make the perfect base for these custom kicks.

custom nike air force 1

Custom Nike Air Force 1

When we started making these custom nike air force 1 kicks, there was not a lot of information that had been released on the Michael Morales character but we did find that the Spiderman logo had changed so without a doubt we used the new Spiderman logo.

A lot of fine details went into this which is why we always display high resolution pictures of our work – after all who wants to look at blackberry quality pictures online? lol

While I’m at it, check out a few pictures of the customization process of these Spiderman Customized Shoes (click on the pics)

Our custom design team worked tirelessly to come up with a killer concept for these custom nike air force 1 kicks and we’re delighted to share the outcome with you. So check out the finished version of these customized shoes and let us know what you think!

We were really pleased with the outcome of these customized shoes but then again, this is Proof Culture so expect nothing but the best custom sneakers on the planet!

Want a pair of custom kicks? Contact Us today to get started!

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