The Jordan 2 - A Deep Dive

Before 2021, the Jordan 2 stood in the shadows of most other Retro Jordan silhouettes. Designed to be a more sophisticated and luxurious sequel to the Jordan 1, the shoe struggled to take off in popularity. This was due to its obscure design, without a Nike Swoosh, and its high price tag. Ironically, this focus on luxury and innovative design are what breathed new life into the Jordan 2 in recent years.

The Launch of the Jordan 2

The creation of the Air Jordan 2 began in 1985 – a year after the unveiling of the iconic Jordan 1. The first designer to take on the project was Peter Moore, who worked with legendary basketball player and Nike collaborator Michael Jordan himself to create a more high-end design than its predecessor. Constructed from luxurious materials like Italian leather, the shoe became one of the most expensive basketball sneakers on the market at that time. Many struggled to afford the Jordan 2, which cost a whopping $105 - an unheard-of price for a pair of basketball shoes at the time. Adjusted for inflation, that is the equivalent of $285 today.

Jordan Making the Shoes Look Good

Photo: Andy Hayt/ Sports Illustrated
Jordan had no issues playing in the shoes given the amount of performance tuning integrated into them after the Jordan 1. On top of the padded Italian leather, the sneaker featured TPU heel counters and upgraded air soles. Nike relied on Michael to market these upgrades through his performance on the court, and he did his part. During the 1986-87 season, the season in which Jordan wore the shoe, he won his first scoring title and won his very first dunk contest. Given Michael's success that year, there was no shortage of TV time for the Air Jordan 2.

The Jordan 2 Today

Today, the Air Jordan 2 can be seen as a classic silhouette and is often praised for its luxurious design. While it may have not been popular at launch, the shoe has since become one of the most sought-after Jordans in history. The Air Jordan 2 continues to be released in various iterations year after year, proving that innovation, luxury, and performance are still the mainstay of the Jordan brand. Brands such as Off-White, A Ma Maniere, and Union have chosen the silhouette to collaborate on, further breathing new life into it. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, there are few shoes that can do so like the Air Jordan 2. As we look back at history and reflect on the Air Jordan 2, we can appreciate all of its contributions to both the sneaker industry and the Jordan Brand. It's easy to see why people are still in love with the shoe today, despite it being one of the oldest sneakers in Nike’s current lineup. The Air Jordan 2 has stood the test of time and remains a timeless classic.
Feature Image: Wes C

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