The Jordan 5 - A Deep Dive

Tinker Hatfield and the Jordan 5

Heading into the 1989-90 season, Michael Jordan's sneaker line officially reached mass popularity. Realizing that his designs saved the Jordan line after the flop that was the Jordan 2, Nike assigned Tinker Hatfield to the Jordan 5 project. Tinker Hatfield hit another home run with the Air Jordan 5 in 1990. This time, Tinker took inspiration from World War II fighter planes. The iconic design he came up with forever shaped the world of basketball shoes.
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Making Waves on the Court

Michael Jordan wore the Air Jordan 5 during the 1989-1990 NBA season, and it quickly became one of the most popular shoes in the Air Jordan line. The shoe released in a variety of colorways, including the iconic "Black/Metallic Silver" colorway that Jordan wore during the 1990 NBA playoffs.

An Iconic Design

One of the key features of the Air Jordan 5 is the "shark teeth" design on the midsole, paying homage to by the nose art on World War II fighter planes. This design has become one of the most recognizable features of the shoe and has been featured on many other Air Jordan models. The shoe also features a reflective tongue, which was a first for the Air Jordan line. The tongue reflected light during games, making it the center of attention in on-court photos. The Jordan 5 didn't just find popularity on the court, however. The shoe reached millions of living rooms via Will Smith's character on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The "Grape" 5s flew off shelves as they made frequent appearances on the show. Only the brave wore them without the laces, like Will.
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The Jordan 5 Today

Over the years, the Air Jordan 5 has been re-released in a variety of colorways and collaborations, including the popular "Grape" and "Fire Red" colorways. The shoe has also been featured in a number of advertisements and commercials, cementing its place in popular culture. Today, the Air Jordan 5 is widely considered to be one of the most important shoes in the Air Jordan line. Its unique design and innovative features have influenced the design of basketball shoes and sneakers in general, and its popularity continues to this day. Whether on the court or on the street, the Air Jordan 5 remains a symbol of style, performance, and innovation. Cover Photo Via: Leon Skibitzki

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