Tiffany Jordan V Custom Kicks

“Tiffs” Jordan V Custom Kicks

I’m a HUGE SB fan so I’ve been wanting to do some SB inspired with our custom kicks for a while now and this project came up. So here is the story. A customer reached out and let us know that he’s really been wanting to create some custom Jordans based off of the Diamond Supply co and Nike collab that was released years back and dubbed the “Tiffany Dunks”. This immediately grabbed our attention so we quickly got started on putting together a concept for these shoes.

We had to create a custom paint color for these sneakers as the color simply didn’t exist and we followed that up by creating a SICK custom box to go along with these as they are custom kicks after all. This meant we also had to create a custom paint for the box (thank you to our local home improvement store 🙂 )We did a special paint job on these that makes the shoes glisten just a little bit when you look at them from different angles and our painting technique did not take away the look and feel of the suede material on the shoes which was very important to us. We were tempted to go with a pink box to tribute the box that the original tiffany dunks were released in but made a last-minute change of plans on the box and we hope that you like it.

With our custom kicks, the end result is always a pair that the same and better quality that you would get from our of any shoe store versus a look where you, for example, would see things like brush strokes on the shoes. It’s not an easy feat to pull off but then again, we’re superhuman!

This Air Jordan V served as the base of these Custom Kicks – Metallic V Jordans BEFORE

Tiffany Jordan V Custom Sneakers AFTER

The end result consists of a pair of customized shoes that represent the collab that we wished would have happend but didn’t. You will notice that we accented the custom sneakers with some Swarovski crystals, we completely changed the color scheme of this shoe while also keeping the original feel and look of the suede that is on these Jordan Vs! As far as the box…well the box has it’s own story. We started with a Jordan box, and it was a Jordan/Diamond Supply Tiffany box by the time we were done with it complete with a white velvet inside liner to give these custom kicks the ultimate resting place when not being worn.

Check the pics of these custom Jordan Vs below!

The box for these Custom Kicks

Jordan V Tiffany Custom Kicks

Jordan V Tiffany Custom Kicks

I’ll admit, this weeks sneaker drop is really for those fellow SB fans. If you aren’t a SB fan, well you probably won’t even get the concept of these Customized Jordans. As always, thanks for the love, comments and continued support. Take a moment and go like us on our Proof Culture Facebook Fan Page. Until then, we’ll be back next Friday with a new drop of custom kicks or like my buddy in the UK says “custom trainers”!

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